Down to Earth A small effort to save the planet EARTH

Green Earth, clean Earth should be our dream first. Keeping this in mind and wanting to make our impact on the world, we launched Down to Earth to provide the most sustainable, affordable, and high-quality areca palm leaf dinnerware in the market.

We are a proud startup in the business of Eco Friendly Products in the industry. Our motive is to promote the Eco friendly environment. In the way of implementing that we are involved in the manufacturing and exporting of Bio products. By the way of promoting the bio friendly product usage. We are much concerned about the quality. The products are made in the most hygienic way and the Quality inspection is done for each and every plate as part of the production process.

Down to Earth means Practical, Reasonable, and Friendly and so is our areca palm leaf dinnerware.

PRACTICAL: The areca palm plate is so practical and are the best alternative to plastic / polymer products and paper-based products. These are made from the shredded leaves of the Areca palm trees.

REASONABLE: these plates are the best because they are made without chemicals, wax, or dyes and entirely safe to use, , which makes them most sustainable and affordable.

FRIENDLY: Areca leaf plates are also known as Disposable plates, Bio plates, Eco-friendly biodegradable dinnerware, etc. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable and nature friendly.

Our Motto: Planet over profit

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